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Information for Authors

PAY ATTENTION AUTHORS:      Paper must be prepared strictly in accordance with requirements given below. Papers that do not comply with them will not be accepted. Authors are responsible for scientific and grammatical correctness of papers.

       Copyright Statement

      1. Submission of Papers
      2. Formatting Details
      3. Example of Russian language Paper
           Example of English language Paper

      4. Template for Paper

1. Submission Of Papers

1.1. Papers:

  • Papers are submitted to the Editorial Board of the Journal, address: лPeoples' Friendship University of Russia╗ (PFUR), sub Department of Strength of Materials and Structures, 6, Miklukho-Maklay str., Moscow, 117198, Russia.
  • Papers must be in Russian or in English language;
  • Papers should be topical and original, should outline tasks (issues), describe key results of the authorТs research and his\her conclusions;
  • The text should have been reviewed and signed by the authors responsible for the selection and correctness of the facts and references included in it, as well as for the use of classified information;
  • Pages should be numbered ;
  • References should be listed at the end of the text: Bibliographic reference. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules (see Example of Paper below);
  • Papers are submitted in hard copy and as files prepared in MS Word (.doc or .docx; send via e-mail). The hard copy should be fully identical to the electronic one. The text should be in Times New Roman 11 pt, 1.0 spaced; margins: upper and lower Ц 34 mm, left and right Ц 38 mm.

1.2. Document package submitted with the Paper:

  • For all authors Ц Request to the Chief Editor of the Journal, DSc, Professor Krivoshapko Sergey for publishing the paper;
  • Copyright Statement;
  • Graduate students and applicants may attach to the paper a review of the scientific adviser or a specialist on the subject of a paper from the organization where the work is performed;
  • information about the author(s): surname, full first name and patronymic, degree, position, institutional affiliation (place of work or study), contact phones, e-mail, regular mail address and zip code;
  • an abstract of the paper and key words.

2. Formatting Details:

Title of the Paper : central, capital, bold;
     --------Empty line--------
Name (-s) of the author(s) : Full name (right, capital, normal), degree, position (italic);
Place of work or study of author (s) : Name of affiliated institution, place of work or study (italic);
Address of placework or study of author (s) : full address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses (if available) for each author (italic);
     --------Empty line---------
Abstract : up to 200 words, italic, 10 pt
KEY WORDS : minimum three and maximum eight words. In the specific cases it is acceptable to use two- or three-word terms.
    --------- Empty line --------
Text of the Paper : justify, 11 pt, indent the first line of a paragraph is 7.5 mm. The text is made by analogy with the pre-represented in the collection of papers. Be sure to use an automatic transfer.
Title of references : word УR e f e r e n c e sФ central, 11 pt
List of references: references numbered in order of their appearance in the text, the names of authors are in italics (see Example of Paper below).

Some Elements of Text

 Mathematical Notations and Equations in the text should be centered. They are entered using MS Equation Editor or MathType. Settings are: Full Ц11, Subscript/Suhtrscript Ц 9, Sub- Subscript/Suhtrscript Ц 7, Symbol Ц 14, Subsymbol Ц 10.
Equations should be numbered consecutively and equation numbers should appear in parentheses at the right margin.
Italic font are used for Latin symbols and normal font is used for Greek symbols.
Between an equations and text there should be an interval of 3 pt.
Figures are made within the text, preferably by means of Word or graphical tools. Figures drawn up separately from the text, should fully occupy the page in text format on a sheet of A4. The figures and inscriptions on them should be a single entity (grouped) and do not disintegrate when they are moved. Figures are separated from the text by an interval of 6 pt.
Page numbers are affixed in the lower left corner of the page.
The latter page is available in two copies, second copy ais signed by authors of the paper.

       Editors have the right to withdraw from publishing papers that do not meet the specified requirements, or if the paper received two negative reviews of reviewers or members of the Editorial Board.

          3. Example for Russian language Paper
               Example for English language Paper
          4. Template for Paper

Regulatory requirements

     In accordance with the criteria for inclusion in the "List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, which should be published the main results of dissertations for the degree of PhD and Dsc", a prerequisite for publication of each paper is the presence of the following items:
     - Abstracts of papers, keywords, author information should be freely available online in Russian and English languages.
     - Mandatory indication of locations of all authors, and contact information for correspondence.
     - Availability attached reference lists in every paper in a format prescribed by the journal in accordance with the GOST.
     - Availability of keywords for each publication in Russian and English languages.
     - Availability of the published rules of the submission of Papers and adherence them by the authors.