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Papers, recommended by the editorial board for the publication

№ 5, 2017

1. Utkin V.S., Solov’ev S.A. Reliability analysis of reinforced concrete beams with shear cracks on rebar strength.

2. Yakupov S.N., Harislamova L.U., Yakupov N.M. Change of mechanical properties of thin-layer membranes under the influence of liquid medium.

3. Alkadi S.A., Demyanov A.I., Osovskih E.V. Experimental researches of survivability fragment of the frame of the building with reinforced concrete composite elements working on bend with torsion.

4. Bakushev S.V. Evaluation of the coefficient of transverse deformation at the axial-symmetric deformation of continuous medium.

5. Bautdinov D.T., Djamaludinov D.T. The finite element stress state analysis of underground hydraulic erections taking into account the anisotropy of the medium.

6. Plekhanov F.I. Distribution of load and bending stresses along the length of the thick plate fixed in the base when an initial angle between it and the detail contracting with it.

7. Haciyev V.C., Mirzayeva G.R., Shiriev A.I. On free vibration of a nonhomogeneous orthotropic rectangular plate on a nonhomogeneous visco-elastic foundation.

8. Romanova V.A., Thoma Anamariya. Automatic modeling of the surfaces of the equal slope in AutoCad system through language AutoLisp.

9. Kirsanov M. N. Analysis of the deflection of the arched truss.


№ 4, 2017

1. Hasanov Sh.H. Cracking in sheet structural element under non-uniform stress field.

2. Razzakov S.J., Kholmirzaev S.A. Influence of frame work strengthening on the stress-strain state of two-storey buildings of low-strength materials.

3. Grishmanov A.I. Prize.

4. Firsanov V.V., Gavva L.M. The investigation of the bending form of buckling for structurally-anisotropic panels made of composite materials in operating MATLAB system.

5. Golik V.I., Razorenov Yu.I., Lyashenko V.I. The strength of rock structures in underground mining.

6. Turusov R.A., Andreev V.I., Tsybin N.Yu. General solution of bending of multilayer beams in Fourier series.

7. Berestova S.A, Misyura N.E., Mityushov E.A. Geometry of self-bearing covering on rectangular plan.

8. Krivoshapko S.N. On application of parabolic shells of revolution in civil engineering in 2000-2017.

9. Trushin S.I., Petrenko Ph.I. Influence of physical nonlinearity on the calculated indicators of stability of reticulated one-sheet hyperboloid of revolution with different forms of generatrixes.

10. Kolmogorov G.L., Melnikova T.E., Azina E.O. Application of the Bubnov-Galerkin method for assessment of stability of non-isotropic plates.