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Papers, recommended by the editorial board for the publication

№ 1, 2018

1. Gil-oulbe Mathieu, Markovich A.S., Daou Tiekolo. On the question of nonlinear stability of sinusoidal velaroidal shell.

2. Koroteev D.D., Makhmud Kharun. Influence of construction of transporent coveing on eficiency of concrete heat treatment in shuttering forms with using solar energy.

3. Bakushev S.V. Resolving equations of planar deformation in cylindrical coordinates for physically nonlinear continuum.

4. Doan T.N., Firsanov V.V. Investigating of deflected mode of plates by using refined theories including the effects of shear and normal deformation.

5. Rassoulov M.B., Agayarov M.G. About a problem on the dynamics of a hollow prism of a rectangular cross section.

6. Dem’yanov A.I.,Yakovenko I.A, Kolchunov V.I. Transformation element between the dependence of the fracture mechanics and the equationsof the reinforced concrete theory in the conditions of a complex resistance.

7. Frolov A.A., Morozov Yu.А., Verkhov E.Yu. Stress state of a cantilever cable holder of the type CCH-3; 4; 6.