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Papers, recommended by the editorial board for the publication

№ 6, 2017

1. Demyanov A.I., Kolchunov Vl.I., Pokusaev A.A. Experimental studies of deformation of reinforced concrete structures subjected torsion and bending.

2. Sanjarovsky R., Manchenko M. Errors of international standards on reinforced concrete and rules of the Eurocode.

3. Yakupov S.N., Nurullin R.G., Yakupov N.M. Parameterization of structure elements of complex geometry.

4. Shagivaleev K.F., Surnina E.K., Vasiltsov S.V., Pshenov A.A. Calculation of the system of two closed cylindrical shells with intermediate support.

5. Bondarenko V.M., Pyatikrestovskiy K.P. Sustained force deforming of structured materials.

6. Kudryavtsev S.G., Buldakova J.M. Analysis of the stress state of three-layered anisotropic foundation.

7. Razorenov Yu.I., Dzeranov B.V. Parameters of rock structures for underground ore mining.

8. Musaev V.K. Numerical simulation of transient stress waves in elastic half plane with a rectangular cavity while centering the vertical explosive impact.

9. Sohounhloue A.Y. Jamik, Gbaguidi Aisse Gerard Leopold, Solbes Bernard, Galimard Philippe. Borassus aethiopum mart of Benin used as reinforcement in concrete: Adhesion characterization.

10. Ivanov S.P., Ivanov O.G., Ivanova A.S. The stabilityof plates under the action of shearing loads.